About Us

Bayridge Electric Supply is a family-owned and operated electrical supply distributor located in Brooklyn, New York. We have a young and dedicated team members working aggressively to push the business into new heights within an already saturated market.
Current industry is experiencing two common problems in operation - poor inventory management and staff management. Both lead to lower customer satisfaction, lack of business from returned customers and a low word-of-mouth referral rate. At Bayridge Electric Supply we are committed to earn our customers’ business by providing the best service most others cannot match. Being able to retain returned customers is the foundation of the business and strive to achieve that goal. 

Bayridge Electric Supply’s technical team can provide assistance to your questions about the products we carry and electrical equipment such as panelboards, meter banks, lighting design and much more. We also provide free delivery and prompt answers to bid quotation.  

The Staff
Bayridge Electric Supply is actively looking for individuals whom are motivated to learn and talented to assist our customers’ needs. We also encourage continuing education with the latest resources available so that they can further help us grow and provide up-to-date news to our customers.